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There are many toys specifically designed for cats. Provide your cat with toys and a scratching post or tree. Cats love to play, but make sure the toys are safe for your British Shorthair. Do not allow your cat to play with toys with strings, or small removable objects. Also, do not allow your cat to play with balls of yarn. You may need to experiment with different types of toys to find one your kitty likes.


Our cats love to play and they have tons of toys, they even use our son's toys every now and again. But for some reason they really like crinkle balls, no wonder you can get them in every pet store. Other great toys include bottle caps, paper or tinfoil balls, candy wraps, all of the above attached to a piece of rope with a human on the other end.

Scratching Posts

When kittens leave our home they know what those things are for and will never go to your furniture for their scratching needs, just make sure you have one of those at home when your kitten arrives. They are modestly priced at cat shows but you can get them at most pet stores and places like Wal Mart or even online on eBay or Amazon. One thing to keep an eye on when buying scratchers is posts wrapped with sisal rope, cats seem to really love that stuff.

Some people even design their own cat furniture, we've been told it is a lot of fun and helps to productively pass the time while waiting for a kitten to be old enough to move out of breeder's home.

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By Iryna Moriyama